If you’re looking to invest, here are some great deals. I’ve taken the liberty of including a short business summary, but to see a more detailed business plan click the link at the end of each summary.

– Wellspring Clinical Lab Inc
Wellspring Inc is a clinical diagn
ostic company using break through  technology to provide over a 100 clinical diagnostic measurements (or blood tests) with only a few drops of blood. The developments decrease the price of conducting these blood tests for $200 in a doctor’s office to $35 in your own home.(view summary)

– eCaseBriefs
#1 on both Google and Yahoo, eCaseBriefs is a company which provides the most widely used brand of digital study aids for the law student/ pre-law student market. They provide the most original and comprehensive digital legal content available (view full summary)

– An Award Winning media production company
This company is for sale, and can be purchased either in whole or in part. The developer for customized courses, learning content, and educational products for commercial use, this firm provides Fortune 1000 corporations and large associations with a virtual e-learning continuing education platform. If you are interested, please see the contact information at the bottom of the page, as this company prefers to remain anonymous.

– The Coaching Company
The Coaching Company plans and holds nearly 100 seminars annually, generating $20 million in revenues from its existing event based business. Although capable of growing its own resources, this company is searching for funds to accelerate its business and capture a significant market share in the rapid growing market. (view full summary)

See more opportunities or view a list of active engagements (here). If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or for more information on any of these deals, contact adolfo@newgategroup.net or call NewGate Capital Partners at 407-647-8752.

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