A Banker Reveals how Banks try to take your money, be careful

Greetings. I’m Dan and I’m a banker. Don’t worry, though: I quit my job at a big bank years ago.  I know how the financial system works — the details, the tricks and traps — and I’m going to let you in on some industry secrets. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know a lot more about the games banks play and how to beat the system — or change it.  Powerful stuff. (read the full article)

Great Stocks for Beginners

Question: I’m just starting, know little, have about $500, and want a solid stock with dividends as my first. What should I look for?

The Motley Fool put that question to an all-star team of Fools from across the investing spectrum, and asked them to suggest one dividend-paying stock that might be a great place for new investors like LadyFox7Oaks to start. Keep in mind that these aren’t ironclad recommendations — just suggestions to kick-start your own further research. (read the answer)

Changes in China Could Raise Prices Worldwide

SHANGHAI — The cost of doing business in China is going up.

Coastal factories are raising salaries, local governments are hiking minimum wage standards and if China allows its currency, the renminbi, to appreciate against the U.S. dollar later this year, as many economists are predicting, the cost of manufacturing in China will almost certainly rise. (read the full article

Debt Settlement won’t get you out of big bills

f you’ve been running up your credit card tab like mad to make it through these troubled times, don’t make it worse by running to a debt-settlement firm thinking it will get you out of paying those bills.

That could make matters worse, with no guarantee you’ll shed any debt. (read the full article)


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