Blood Testing for Dummies

Wellspring Clinical Lab, Inc. is a clinical diagnostic company using breakthrough technology to provide over 100 clinical diagnostic measurements from a few drops of blood for about a $35 cost to the customer- as opposed to $200 currently being paid for the same service on other labs. The price will include online, interactive, multimedia sessions of 20-30 minutes customized to the health of each consumer. This will motivate consumers to make healthier choices, have better communication with physicians, and a better understanding of their current health status before or after they visit a doctor’s office. (read more)

25 Stock Picks from 25 Great Investors

We talked to money managers with gold-standard track records and asked them each for their single best stock pick. (read more)

Bonds: Avoid the next great bubble

Money Magazine) — As manias go, this one is different. Your neighbors aren’t coming up to you at cocktail parties bragging about making a killing in bonds. No one is flipping fixed income for quick profit. And no talk-radio guru is shouting that bonds will be the only investment left standing after the next financial Armageddon.

Don’t let the lack of fanfare fool you. A projected $380 billion will pour into bond funds this year, more than went into domestic stock funds in the past decade. That’s on top of a record $376 billion last year. (read more)

The Money behind smart tech

Adam Grosser with Warren Weiss

FORTUNE — Adam Grosser has what some might call a weird obsessionwith golden orb spiders. He totes around drawings of them on his MacBook Pro. He travels near and far to meet experts who have studied their ways. He joyously cites the unusual characteristics of the golden silk they weave. “It’s three times stronger than steel,” says Grosser, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, “and better able to repel water than existing synthetics.” So what’s the entrepreneurial opportunity? He’s not quite sure, but he’ll let you know when he figures it out.

Such whimsy is the norm these days at Foundation Capital, where Grosser is a partner. And why not? Foundation is spinning solid returns on its investments. At a time when venture performance has soured and institutional investors have lost confidence in the onetime masters of the universe, Foundation has the hot hand of the moment. Patient stakes in startups such as networking-gear maker Calix (CALX) and retirement fund administrator Financial Engines (FNGN) have resulted in recent IPOs, a rare occurrence since the onset of the financial crisis. (read more)